All you need to provide your elementary students with an entrepreneurship experience.

Looking for a fresh unit to engage 4th or 5th graders? This program provides a way for young students to be exposed to (and empowered by) entrepreneurship. We provide curricular materials and support for teachers to guide their students through the process of creating and launching a business in this project-based unit of study.

Student journey from Creation to Transaction

Students work in teams to develop a product, pitch their idea, and launch their business. The starting point for creation is ‘reduce, reuse, or recycle’ – which tends to inspire discussion and innovation around social good. The unit culminates in an ‘pop-up’ e-commerce marketplace experience (powered by us) where students sell their products. The classroom teacher engages with a volunteer business professional to serve as a team mentor (we give you the tools to do this) to support this interactive, real-world learning experience.

Skill-building and engaging

Through team-based, project-based learning, students build both entrepreneurship & critical skills, real-world skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving

Flexible fit into your school year

This program can be taught in an 8-week unit of study (18 instructional hours), and is structured to be flexible to accommodate a school’s calendar. It can be offered as part of a school’s exploratory rotation program or social studies, or as an after school program.

Program materials, tools and support

  • Comprehensive digital library of materials and assessments, including lesson plans
  • Project-based assessments and rubrics
  • Access to a turn-key ecommerce website/platform for your students to sell their products
  • Communication materials to promote your students’ marketplace to the community
  • Volunteer recruitment materials, and specific mentor guidelines and training

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